We are a mother/daughter team that started our business out of our home.  This quickly grew so we decided it was time to take the leap and open our B&M in my hometown of Buchanan, Georgia.

We love being in a small town where everyone knows you.  We feel like we have a personal relationship with all of our customers.

All of the staff at ESB has one goal in mind and that is to make YOU feel good about yourself.  We want everyone to leave loving what they bought which will make you feel great when you wear that outfit.  We are  “real” women that have imperfections that we don’t like about ourselves just like all other “real” women in the world.  This enables us to know how a customer feels when they say they don’t feel comfortable in anything they put on or when they hate to shop because nothing looks good.  Our priority is to find that outfit that does look good or is comfortable.  We love all of our customers and we appreciate each and everyone because without YOU we would not be where we are.

If you ever have a question about a product or anything in general, we are here to assist.